About us
Etapas Real Estate

Etapas Group” is a private capital company founded in 2005, which provides development, expansion, consulting on design, legal or financial issues and administration services in the real estate sector.


Partners working in the company are professional, responsible and striving for the highest result. They love what they do and they take their responsibilities seriously, but at the same time they don’t overestimate their abilities.


We differ from other companies not in what we do, but how we do it. We believe that initiative, quick-wittedness and a modern and creative attitude are the main parts behind the moving force that leads us forward. We care not only about a successful result, but also about a fluent and progressive process. Our clients are our main priority – we value them and work hard to reach a dialogue in any kind of situation. We follow these values in the office and in life.

“Etapas Groups” consists of these companies
Real estate agency
Rental real estate development
A joint Lithuanian and Belgian capital investment project – fund
Other companies, established especially for the management of separate projects
Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association
JSC “Etapas Group” is a member of the Lithuanian real estate development association (

A joint Lithuanian and Belgian real estate development company – an enclosed share capital fund, established for the development of real estate projects in Lithuania. 66% of the company’s property belongs to Belgian investors, 34% – to Lithuanian investors, including JSC “Etapas Group”.


“Etapas Group” plays an important role in managing and developing the fund’s property. At the moment, the fund is mainly focusing on land acquisition, creation of development concepts and the development of infrastructure in residential, recreational and industrial territories. Residential sectors are adapted with our Belgian partners’ experience and knowledge of improving and optimizing the living standard in Lithuania.

It’s a new attitude towards industrial real estate development. Thanks to our partner “ILD” (, this company connects Belgian experience and the capability of “Etapas Group” to adapt this experience in the Baltics.


“Etapas Industry” develops specially adjusted industrial real estate projects – both autonomous and integrated into industrial parks. After plugging into the client’s activities, “Etapas Industry” satisfies their special needs in logistics and industrial processes, takes full responsibility from the very beginning of the projection, up until giving the building away for exploitation. Also, the company suggests various models for project financing.


At the beginning of a new project development, the client’s current situation is analyzed. Then, preliminary suggestions for location, construction, terms and costs are provided – they are perfectly reconciled because a detailed engineering stage goes through while thoroughly collaborating with the client. At the stage of construction, first of all, suggestions to subcontractors are made and permissions are obtained. After the beginning of specific construction works, the site is monitored daily by specially assigned staff. Project director coordinates the course of the construction according to plans and terms, and informs the client assiduously. The construction stage ends when the building is ready for exploitation and is relegated to the client along with work processes. Local training is also provided.

We offer real estate as an autonomous project or integrated into an industrial park. The suggested building project is distinguishable by an optimal layout, made while considering investments and reducing the costs of exploitation.